The Loom Collective handpick rugs from around the globe. With loving each and every piece for its handmade flaws and imperfections, these weavings are history, and are more than just design & colour. Each rug tells its own story starting from origin, dyes and fibre. Symbolic motifs & designs tell the true story of who made (the) rug. Knowing all this, we can then determine the age.
Founder's Nicholas & Malene have been involved in design and colours with appreciation for handmade objects since the beginning. We offer to valuate your rug for fun! Our knowledge of handmade rugs is superb, with appreciation for objects touched by the human hand, we have been travelling around the world in search for special rugs and not just your most common persian rug which their are many of, we find for you those rare vintage one off weavings which really bring a special feeling into your space.
Based in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, the love for nature and the ocean is what we are about, making us appreciate the carbon footprint handmade objects have. Rugs are one of the most environmentally friendly interiors you could have!
Nicholas & Malene
The Loom Collective